If your private residence or commercial and business building is settled in the region of Newcastle, England, our construction and plastering company is the best partner to rely on when in need of some construction or plastering work.


Plastering is a vital step in every home renovation ensuring every room is ready for decoration. With smooth, prepared walls, your paints and tiles will look professional and last a lifetime. We’ll fit kitchens and bathrooms with quality trade tile trim in preparation for tiling, and ensure that each room is completely ready for a coat of paint and a beautiful new floor. 
We also carry out most building tasks, including brickwork, tiling, and building of complete houses and bungalows.We can construct the building according to the plans our associated architect's design or construct it according to the plans you provide.
We can also sub-contract our plumbers and electricians if you require an all-round service. We have our associated team of electricians, plumbers and other engineers and the long-term relations with them. Thus sub-contracting will save you a lot of money.


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