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Types of plastering for construction work

By Bob Henry / November 7, 2017

Plaster is a common construction material, and it’s been around for centuries trespassing various modifications until we’ve finally got a wide range of plaster types for different uses we have today. Since plaster is mostly used for internal walls nowadays, its variations are designed to enhance attaching between surface and plaster and enable better painting […]


Plastering and drywall systems

By Bob Henry / October 25, 2017

The skilled plasterer will probably provide both plastering and drywall systems, so the decision between these two will come down to many other aspects, the pros, and cons of each option and preferences of the homeowner. When it comes to external walls, you’ll opt for plastering. However, covering and designing of the internal wall of […]


How to minimize the defects in ‘Plaster Work’

By Bob Henry / October 15, 2017

Various factors influence the definite quality of plaster work and the quality of procedure and your skills are just one of them. There are several other common causes of defects in plaster work. Improper curing of plaster will dry it out and possibly cause cracking. Using low-quality sand or wrong proportion with too much sand […]


How to achieve a good quality in plastering

By Bob Henry / October 9, 2017

To achieve good quality in plastering work and avoid consequential defects and necessary repairs, you will need high-quality material for sure, but experience, skills of a plasterer and applying of a couple of tricks are essential. If you are the first timer or simply were dissatisfied with the quality you’ve been achieving so far, here […]